TGJ – CBD Infused Anti-bacterial Cream

100% CBD infused natural therapeutic oils

Much talked about, the TGJ, CBD-infused anti-bacterial cream has finally arrived.  This is the recipe that has produced so much attention by all of our customers suffering from MRSA infections, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns, athletes foot, infected insect bites and a host of other skin related ailments.

Clear skin in 5 days!

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The Science of Essential Oils

Hawaiian Essential Oils Allergy Relief - infographics

We believe in the power of essential oil blends to help with chronic ailments. You will too after you see this infographic on the science supporting chamomile and other essential oils for allergies!

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Word is spreading. Fitness gurus, moms, and luxury hunters are catching on to how great our Hawaiian Essential oils are. Find out what they’re saying here.

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Testimonials from Our Grateful Customers

Hawaiian Essential Oils - Testimony - Doreen

I use the Hawaiian Essentials Hay Fever spray often as I work on a farm with plenty of hay and animals around to spark an attack…

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Hawaiian Essential Oils - Testimony - Nancy

Hawaiian Essentials Insomnia Relief spray is a life saver! Having trouble turning off the mental chatter at bedtime, I just use a few sprays, and I’m off to dreamland…

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Hawaiian Essential Oils - Testimony - Victor

I am a Lead Chef in charge of not 1 but 2 Country Clubs. When I have a difficult time shutting down and getting a good nights sleep, I use Hawaiian Essentials Insomnia Spray…

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Our Amazon.com Reviews

Hawaiian Essential 5 Star Review
on August 27, 2015
just love those products. I really recommended and really makes great gifts !
Hawaiian Essential 5 Star Review
on August 26, 2015
Hawaiian Essential products are great. They deserve an 8 out of 5! The oils really do relieve stress, anxiety, help me sleep, etc. Thank you, Amazon, for carrying this product!!

By Ursula D’Angelo on August 17, 2015
These are absolutely beautiful blends…I love the convenience of the travel set and how effective they are!
on August 20, 2015
I frequently use the Hawaiian Essential Insomnia Relief. It is a wonderful product. The scent is wonderful and very relaxing.
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Hawaiian Essential 5 Star Review
on August 23, 2015
We made our first purchase of Hawaiian Essentials two years ago in Hawaii. I had a headache; so tried the Headache Relief in the store. It worked within a few minutes.
Hawaiian Essential 5 Star Review
By Sandy Weilt on August 15, 2015
I love these products! The oils are not the typical watered down wannabes. I’ve used these for almost a year and have relief from allergies.
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